Wildcat Leadership Team

        WILDCAT LEADERSHIP TEAM INFORMATIONThe Wildcat Leadership Team is made up of students that act together as a service team.  The primary goal of the WLT is to promote healthy peer interactions amongst their fellow students through proactively engaging peers in activities that focus on spreading kindness, character and general good will towards others.  As a Wildcat Leader, students learn leadership skills in a service-oriented atmosphere.
The WLT is a teacher nominated/recommended organization.  Teachers have selected students based on them being compassionate, responsible, hard-working and possessing leadership qualities.  Teachers have selected students they believe will have a wide spread positive influence on their peers and are willing and ready to be active participants on campus.  It is a great honor to be selected for the Wildcat Leadership Team!

WLT Eligibility:
* Must maintain an A-B grade average
* Must maintain satisfactory conduct throughout the school year
* Must be willing to participate in WLT "actions" and activities
(Any student that fails to meet the expectations and eligibility will be placed on probation until eligibility is met again.)

Roles and Responsibilities:
* WLT members will participate in "actions" and activities such as:  Greeting students when they arrive at school, welcoming new students, character building campaigns, working with Spike and Antler Leadership Teams for cross-district "actions" , student presentations on character and kindness, service projects and activities on campus and in the community and meeting any other student body needs the team can address.
* Must participate in weekly meetings after school, or notify the sponsor in advance of an absence.
* WLT members will maintain "like" status.  No officers will be elected.

If you have any questions about WLT, please contact Mrs. Holland at 257-2207 ext. 2859 or christel.holland@kerrvilleisd.net.